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Flagging Auto Market, Low Cost Green Car So The Backbone

on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 02:42

In the middle of a sluggish car market industry peers back expectations in the low cost segment of the green car aka LCGC to prop up sales target this year. LCGC segment is the market tergemuk the page second in Indonesia after the low-end MPV (LMPV).

Refer to the latest data from the combined motor vehicle Industry (Gaikindo), Indonesia in the period January-August 2015, total new car sales in the country are as much 671.641 wholesales units. Of these, LMPV segment contributes 168.353 units or approximately 25.1 percent of the total market.

Industry Doldrums, Saint Gobain Delay Wake factory in Indonesia

on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 02:40

Industry Doldrums, Saint Gobain Delay Wake factory in Indonesia
Saint Gobain Group, original construction materials company France, delaying his plans set up automotive glass factory in Indonesia due to less favorable market conditions.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saint-Gobain, Pierre Andre de Chalendar, revealed it has set up a fund worth EUR 20 million for the investment. The location of the factory will be built not far from hers, namely motorcomcom blog gypsum factory in Cikande, Serang, Banten.

"We are planning to open an automotive glass factory, but has happened a very

Lexus Marketed the series Successful NX and RX in Indonesia

on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 02:38

Lexus Marketed the series Successful NX and RX in Indonesia
Lexus car order line in Indonesia until now claimed to reach 500 units. The vehicle is booked it is composed of 300 units of Lexus RX series 200 turbo and 200 units of Lexus 200 NX series.

Both of these vehicles dibanderol respectively Rp1,23 billion and Rp 970 million.

According to the General Manager of Lexus Indonesia, Adrian Tirtadjaja, fulfillment of the order would not be terpasok until next year. "So regardless of the existing units are sent directly. This is what prompted us to think more motorcomcom site emphasis on quality

Facelift Would Mushrooming

on Sat, 09/26/2015 - 03:03

2009 has passed now 2010 is ready to be lived. Then like apa new car that predictable will be attending this year's automotive industries enliven the Homeland?

It looks like 2010 will be decorated by new car minor version change (facelift) than motorcomcom page the presence of the new models is really a novel later from the brand holder sole agent (ATPM) in Indonesia.

First we start with the leader in the domestic automotive market, Toyota. As the market leader, to this day there has been no leakage FROM PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) as ATPM Toyota will produce a product that is totally new.

Sports cars and a dedication to the late Fruit Hearts

on Sat, 09/26/2015 - 02:57

Sports cars and a dedication to the late Fruit Hearts
If during this sports car produced by the manufacturers of Europe, America and Japan, it turns out that Turkey is also capable of creating a super car.

Use a middle class sports car, a prototype super car from Turkey, as preached Worldcarfans, recently introduced to the public.

Onuk Sazan is named, the sports car is motorcomcom reference the result of Dr. Ekber Onuk design in homage to his son who died in a car accident in 1996.

Onuk Sazan prototype so far using the Corvette LS7 engine capable of producing power of 512 hp with a torque

Flying Car Could've Ordered

on Sat, 09/26/2015 - 02:52

Flying Car Could've Ordered
A dream to bring the car to fly soon will be true. Because, this flying car will go on sale to the market in 2011.

Earlier this year the world saw the first flight of a car called the Transition Roadable Aircraft. And as quoted from Leftlanenews, Friday (1/1/2010), the creator, Terrafugia, will start selling the next two years.

Actually the issue see this concerning the presence of ' flying car ' there are already many years. But until now there hasn't been any development towards a more serious so that the vehicle can be used in road and air.

And the Terrafugia


Thousands of Motorists at Crowded Margonda

on Sat, 09/26/2015 - 02:41

Thousands of residents of Depok celebrate the turn of the new year's Eve 2010 with gathered on the street Margonda Raya. The crowd society was centred in front of shopping center Margo City.
Thousands of bikers that mean watching Fireworks that action is concentrated in Hotel Bumi Wiyata. Hundreds of personnel from Depok Polres appears to stand guard securing the operations of the turn of the year.

One of the residents of Depok Beji named Mila said, she with her motorcomcom good post husband accidentally comes to Margo City to enjoy a festive new year's Eve.

"On a whim, rather than at home

WalkCar, Cool Creations Japan Transportation similar to Laptop

on Sun, 09/13/2015 - 06:13

WalkCar this could be the least of the means of transport in the world ever created. The country managed to find this cool tool, who else if not Japan. The unique, the size of WalkCar is only as big as a laptop so they can carry around in your bag to your cangklong. Wonderful, Yes.

This tool was created by an engineer harga yamaha mt 25 2016 from the development of a mini, as reported by the transporter by Dailymail page. They call WalkCar as the car in the first bag ever created mankind.

The tool is made from the aluminum hold a medium-sized load of up to 120 kg.

Kawasaki Ninja Production Stop Indonesia 2-No, the rest of the stock Still for sale

on Sun, 09/13/2015 - 06:11

PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (PT KMI) decided to discontinue production of motor Ninja 2 tak. The reason, vehicles such as this does not comply anymore with the Euro 3 emission standard regulations that apply to motorcycles in Indonesia. The country has asked the APM and manufacturers in order to update their motor products with emission standards that are more environmentally friendly.

Thus, the Kawasaki Ninja RR, R, Ninja and Ninja SS will not be easily found in harga honda sonic 150r repsol the dealer of the future.

Tips Overtaking Vehicles on the highway

on Sun, 09/13/2015 - 06:06

Tips Overtaking Vehicles on the highway
Overtake the vehicle in front is a thing that goes without saying when the drive. Apalgi if the vehicle in front rode quite slow motorcomcom article while the street in front of it is quite roomy, overtaking became a necessity in order to arrive at your destination on time. Just don't carelessly when overtaking. You still need to understand the steps in order that created the security drive.

Disclosed Aiptu Rev. Martono as Operational Trainers Denwal PJR Korlantas police, there are some tips to consider to do penyalipan.